Jesus Revolution

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"A must-see for everyone searching for a purpose in their life!"
— Amanda Wilkerson

"Brilliantly made. Compellingly told."
— Rachel Mims

"Riveting. Real. Believable. Hopeful. Let's go!"
— Jeannie Whitman

"Made me laugh, made me cry, made me reflect, brought me closer to God!! The best movie I have ever seen!!"
— Craig Hedden

"This movie can truly start a Jesus Revolution 2.0."
— Matt Overstreet

"This could change the world."
— Rennee Grishka

"Inspirational, moving. As real today, as it was back then."
— Tony Griffith

"Beautiful beyond words."
— Taylor Bane

"This film is real! You feel Jesus in the entire movie."
— Andrea Knight

"A powerful message of God's love for the outcast."
— Steve Schell

"This movie touched me in a special way and I feel renewed in Christ."
— Brian Sutherland

"Love always wins. This is one of the greatest love stories ever told."
— Chris Kozett